Hantaran Fondant Cake

My cousin Khairy tunang last Sunday @Setiawan, Perak & kek ni sampai ke Perak...tuannya tak sesampai gak ke Perak, kirimannya je yang sampai....!! Selamat Bertunang Khairi..
For this cake, I have ordered butter cake from Ayumi/Amoi since i was so bz & not enough time to bake it myself. Thanks to Ayumi for willing to do it for me eventhough I ordered last minutes. I only did the fondant and decor myself + the cake box which I've made myself also. Fondant with embossed effect using rolling pin & brush it with pearl dust to highlight the embossed pattern. Just bought the rolling pin from Wilton KL. I get them to courier me and they charged me quite expensive maa.. you know!!! Doesn't matter as long as I got the rolling pin since one of my customer requested her engagement cake to be embossed similar to what Ayu (Loveliana) did publish the cake on her blog, the cake pix was shown to me by Izah, my customer who's getting engaged next weekend & requested me to make her a fondant cake for 'hantaran' + doorgift-cuppies for her guests. The theme color is baby blue. Insya Allah will deliver them by next week.

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