Barbie Fondant Hands on Workshop@Azie's Shop, Taman Tampoi Indah 2

My 1st Barbie Fondant class conducted & coordinated together with Azie at her Kedai@Taman Tampoi Indah on 16 March 2009. Thank you very much Azie for the opportunity.
Students accomplishments uploaded herewith for your eyes only...

Another session will be schedule most likely this weekend. Please sms your name if interested for our necessary arrangements.

Azie's accomplishment was demo with the base cake for the class yesterday's afternoon.

Hajjah's Barbie cake. Very neatly done. She is a teacher from Pontian & love decorating&baking kinda thing..
Zaini's Barbie cake creatively decorated in green with blossoms neatly arranged on top & at the bottom.
Azizah's accomplishment after the workshop...sweet pink.

Kak Pah's Barbie Cake...the glamorous among all..he..he..

Kak Balkis's accomplishment in striking yellow... sopan gitu!!
Rohiza's Barbie Cake in sweet green you!!
Ms Lau's accomplished Barbie fondant cake...a nice combination of pink & purple.

Ayu's Barbie cake - students were also taught to decorate with embossed rolling pin, dust & glitter. The embossed flowers were highlighted with gold dust & glitters. Very shining yellow colour...

Yati's Barbie...very beautiful pink white & red combination with a silver dust highlighter on the embossed flowers...



Kak Balkis

Kak Pah



Demo on butter cake by Azie
Demo on fondant by me

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