Wilton Decoration Intensive Course (1, 2 & 3) at Wisma ICCA Kota Damansara

I have attended wilton intensive course last week, 5 to 7 March 2009 at Wisma ICCA, Kota Damansara. Wow a very good course with all the skills & proper techniques for decorating cakes with royal icing & rolled fondant. Really enjoyed the course & benefited much from the course 1 to 3. I'm now more confident to decorate especially the stacked wedding cakes.
(Thousand apologies for not able to entertain callers/customers since I was tied up with the sessions during that period).

Captured the precious moment, myself & my accomplishment with the CEO/founder of ICCA Malaysia, the well-known Rosalind Chan & Instructor-Vivian. They are all very professional & knowledgeable, nice & helpful too.

A recognition for attending the intensive course given by Rosalind. Thank you very much Rosalind!

Myself with the sweet Coordinator, Adlina Malek. She's very nice too.

Captured the memorable moment with all participants.

Accomplishments from all participants after the course completed.

My accomplishment

This point & below other participants accomplishments.
This accomplishment belongs to my Sifu-Azie. We enrolled for this course together.

This is also my favourite among all...

This cake done by the bakery boy....Alan Ooi. I've attended his classes at Perling Indah few times. To my surprise he's one of the participants too. (Dah handal pun lagi nak gi kursus ni, sebab dia kata nanti tak malu dgn student2 dia yg tanya pasal wilton nye decorating method bila dtg kelas dia nanti sebab dia sendiri dah experience & ikuti kursus nie...caya la Alan...)

Among those decorations that I admire.

This is sweet too...

Morning glory is the most difficult to make but very nice when done.

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batrisyiadelights said...

hai..fadzilah..nnt ckp awal2 tau bila nk ajar royal aising& fondant tu..takut x dpt joint pulak..huhu