Choc Moist Cake with Edible Image Ben10-HADDYFF 3rd B'day

thanks very much b'day boy's mom-Zaza for the order.

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Scorpio Girl said...

salam sis..

This is Zaza **again**..ha ha ha..
I ingat nak tempah chocolate cake again from you lagi sekali, this time for 2 birthday boys, my youngest son - Irfan & his cousin, Eqiram -preferably with edible image of themselves and needed to know

a)what/s the largest cake size that you can bake **and cost**

b)date planned - 28th May 2011

c) do u do mini cupcakes with fondant too?if yes, how much do they cost?

I love your cake and this is my opportunity to have one!:D

you can also contact me at 016-7569276 or